I would like to thank you for coming to visit our website. If you have a product that you would like to have put into a capsule, you have come to the right place. Please spend a few minutes looking through the pages and photos on the site and reading the sampling of testimonials from those, whom it has been our privilege to serve over the past twenty-five years; perhaps you have also worked with or are acquainted with some of them?

It is my hope that if you are in need of encapsulation services, you will contact CES and allow us the opportunity to quote on your product. We seek to provide our customers with:

We wish to earn your business and then, we plan to keep it, by making sure we deliver on those three key items. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Be Well,
Tim Sweeney
President & CEO

"We contracted with CES, Inc. to have a test product prepared for a small clinical trial on very short notice. We were delighted with the speed, accuracy and professionalism of the company and look forward to working with CES on future projects."
John McMichael, Ph.D.
Beech Tree Labs, Inc.
"We contacted CES a few years ago to manufacture blinded supplies for an investigator initiated clinical trial in which we would serve as the coordinating center. CES provides excellent customer service and has been an invaluable resource for details of manufacturing and shipping for clinical trials. CES strives to accommodate unique requests in a timely manner, at a reasonable price. I would recommend CES to any institution, large or small, in need of manufacturing services for blinded clinical trial supplies."
Kristin Busse, Pharm.D.,BCPS
Investigational Drug Pharmacist
Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin
"I have had an association with Tim Sweeney and CES for 19 years. CES has managed a wide range of clinical projects for us, ranging from small home grown pilot studies to large NIH funded trials. I’ve found CES to be meticulous about the details of my projects. In addition, we found his facilities and operating procedures to be compliant and sustainable. Tim’s reliability and flexibility have made CES my source for over-encapsulation projects."
John Petrich, RPh MS
Investigational Drug Service Manager
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
"I have used Clinical Encapsulation Services over the last 13 years to prepare encapsulated drugs for clinical trials. Their response and service have been exceptionally rapid. The quality of their finished product is outstanding."
Leon Barstow, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Protein Therapeutics, Inc.
“As a junior faculty, I had the pleasure of working with Clinical Encapsulation Services on a pilot project sponsored by a cooperative group. The company has been very informative, highly professional and very helpful. They have always been accessible for any questions or concerns, and clearly have a broad experience in this field. I highly recommend them to all colleagues, including junior investigators.”
Zoneddy Dayao, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Director, Hereditary Cancer and Assessment Program Clinic
Cancer Research and Treatment Center
University of New Mexico
"With Clinical Encapsulation Services, Inc. (CES), we found a company that gave us all we were looking for. Great turnaround time, great customer service, excellent product quality and pricing that didn't strain the budget. CES is a company that I will use over and over again for my clinical trials."
Catherin McNeal M.D.
Scott & White Hospital, Temple Texas


Clinical Encapsulated Services, (CES) was founded in 1996 as a pharmaceutical manufacturer of encapsulated clinical supplies for pharmaceutical drug studies. We are an FDA cGMP facility registered with the New York State Board of Pharmacy.

We are thankful to our clients for their continued patronage and are proud to be associated with all of them. From the biggest and most nationally renowned institutions and successful companies to the equally appreciated start-up company or small institution, we are grateful to all who utilize our services.

Our History


We began this journey back in 1996 by working with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, National Institute of Health (NIH) and Pfizer in regards to the African American Study of Kidney Disorder and Hyper-tension, a large multi-arm, multi-year and nationwide study. CES was the drug manufacturer contracted by the Cleveland Clinic to perform the over-encapsulation of the drug product to secure the blind for the study.

Over the past twenty-five years we have continued to service not only the Cleveland Clinic but those in need of supplies for their clinical trials. We are happy to handle orders of all sizes and have manufactured batches from as few as 300 capsules to batch sizes of 1,000,000 capsules.

The company remains solely a manufacturer of capsule products, specializing in the over-encapsulation of tablets and capsules as well as the matching placebo for: clinical trials, drug studies, and R&D and test batches. However, CES’ encapsulation processes are not limited to manufacturing products for clinical studies; in addition to performing clinical manufacturing we apply the same strict, quality guidelines and GMPs to the manufacturing of dietary supplements and assorted nutriceuticals. CES was applying GMP drug manufacturing procedures to the production of supplements and nutritionals since 1997, long before the FDA came out with the current dietary manufacturing guidelines.

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We are an extension of your organization, a contract manufacturer whom you can outsource your work to. Clinical Encapsulation Services, Inc. (CES) deals exclusively with the filling of capsules, we specialize in manufacturing materials for clinical trials, but our encapsulation capabilities and interests are not limited to clinical trials. Our services fall under two primary categories:

I. Drug Manufacturing - Those in need of a pharmaceutical facility to encapsulate or over-encapsulate their clinical trial materials and,

II. Supplement Manufacturing - Those in need of a manufacturer to encapsulate their dietary supplements or nutriceutical products.

Drug Manufacturing

Supplement Manufacturing

A CES employee manufacturers a placebo product for the Mayo Clinic.


In regards to clinical trials and drug studies, we have twenty-five years of experience in over-encapsulating FDA regulated products, specifically solid oral doses as well as encapsulating an array of powder blends.

Your clinical projects interest us, regardless of whether you need us to:
I. Over-encapsulate capsules
II. Over-encapsulate tablets
III. Over-encapsulate split tablets that require a half a tablet be inserted into each capsule
IV. Filling of capsules with a powder blend
V. Manufacture a matching placebo for any of the above or simply because you need a placebo for some other reason (i.e. Testing packaging components, equipment validation, etc...)

We are here to help and have handled an extensive array of ANDA & NDA products for use in clinical trials and drug studies. As such, CES can help you with your needs as well, giving you the quality you want, in the time frame you need and at a cost that is budget friendly.

We understand studies come in all different shapes and sizes, no order is too large and no order is too small.

Supplement Manufacturing

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The dietary/
nutriceutical market is getting more competitive every day and companies all across the United States are being shut-down or receiving warning letters from the FDA for gross violations. Clinical Encapsulation Services, Inc. has been manufacturing dietary supplements under pharmaceutical GMP conditions since its first year in business. If you are unhappy about your current supplier or are in need of a manufacturer, please, give us a call and allow us to assist you with your product.

Drug Manufacturing

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Schenectady, NY
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